I love to write and sing

Picture by Rijno Boon

I write my own songs, being inspired by everything I see, feel and experience.
The musical guidance and production of my music is a form of collaboration with Ton Snijders: together we work hard to produce songs that touch the essence in his wonderful Teclats Studio.

The writing of the songs, the creative process of the production and cooperation and finally, the singing of the songs in front of an audience are a true realization of my dreams.

Follow your heart

About Martine Fleming

Music is emotion. A combination of certain notes and tones can touch someone, give them a feeling, or support them. You can lose yourself in music. From happiness to sadness, music is there for every human being, for every kind of feeling. That is what makes it so beautiful to me.

I am grateful that I am able to write and sing my own music with my combination of tones, feelings and message. I want to inspire people with my music, make them feel happy, comfort them or support them with their feelings.

Singing and making music fills my heart and I will always follow my heart. I believe that if you follow your heart and you believe in yourself, you will never get lost. You will always feel at home and on the right track.


Martine Fleming