Back in the studio

Create new things

Earlier this month I went back into the studio for my second song. I had already finished the text, the melody and the feel a while back, and now it only needed the musical accompaniment and production. I do that in great partnership with George Konings in his wonderful new Sound Vision Studio.

It is wonderful to be back in the studio. To create your own songs and to hear the musical accompaniment lift your song, giving it even more body. It completes it all.

A nice arrangement is really an addition and it gives the song exactly what I had in mind when I wrote it. Matching the song to the story I want to tell.

We are going fast

We are really up to speed, it is already a remarkable song, in terms of ‘mood;’ exactly what I had in mind. It is a delightful up-tempo song.

At this moment we finished the basis of the song and in the meantime we are also working on the next songs. In the short term we are going to record the vocals for these songs. And, being a singer, that is what I love to do most. It’s a wonderful process that I fully enjoy and we are working towards a great end result: a beautiful album.

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