New release ‘Lose Control’

This is it: the release of my new song Lose Control. I am so incredibly happy and proud of the final outcome. When I wrote this song I knew what kind of song I wanted this to be, but the end result is even more beautiful than I had envisioned. I love this song! Watch the music video of Lose Control here

Together you can achieve so much more

The process for this song was great as well. Besides the various sessions with George Konings in his Sound Vision Studio, several other people contributed to this song. Besides having Miranda van Blijderveen and Lisanne Geurts as the backing vocals, we organized a very successful public session through which we were able to do the finishing touches in terms of backing vocals recording. To top off the musical collaboration, we had Aili Deiwiks recording a violin session, which complimented the song wonderfully.
Download Lose Control via iTunes or listen via Spotify

Download Lose Control via iTunes   Luister Wherever You Go via Spotify

Lose Control

Lose Control: let your mind go and enjoy the moment, the NOW and follow your heart. Lose Control is about thinking less and living more. It´s about listening to your feelings,following your heart. If you want to jump, just do it. If it makes you happy, it´s worth it. No matter what others say, try not to be limited by what someone else might think. Follow your heart, go with the rhythm of life and make yourself happy. You’re the only one who can. My wishes for you: Lose Control, just enjoy and be happy!

Martine Fleming

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